Drop Pendant With 18" Stainless Steel Box Chain Necklace

These drop chain stainless steel box chain necklace are perfect for for any event. Check out the cool properties of each stone.

  • Lapis Lazuli - helps to enhance your insight awareness and truth.
  • Blue Onyx -  release negative emotions, brings good fortune and personal strength
  • Clear Quartz - Amplifies energy and creativity
  • Amethyst - Promotes wealth strong business sense, protetection
  • Gold Rutlate Quartz - Infuses and energizes the body strengthen will power & motivation
  • Brown Jasper - Connection to home, engenders security, and protection 
  • White Opal - Precious Stone, 14th wedding anniversary
  • Pink Opal - Peace & tranquility, healing emotions
  • Fuchsite - Helps one bounce back after tense situations or experiences
  •  Tiger's Eye -  Protection, stabilizing and grounding.
  • Imported

Pick the perfect stone for you, or mix and match them...

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