About Us

We are a locally-owned, family-owned and operated small business. We started out as an online business selling T-shirts (Redwood Tees) in 2008. Trina started selling jewelry online in 2011. But we wanted to have a closer connection to our customers, so we opened our retail business, TrendSetter Boutique, in November 2013.

Meet The Team

Trina White - Owner

Trina has an extensive background in retail, fashion and finance. She left the corporate world in 2013, and is much happier working for herself. Trina and her husband (Chris Herring) have lived in Felton since 2009. In her spare time, Trina enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with her family


Chris Herring - Co-Owner

Chris has worked in enterprise software development for many years. But his true passion is design -- he is the designer for Redwood Tees, a line of T-shirts available exclusively at TrendSetter Boutique. When not helping out around the store, Chris enjoys playing chess and playing with the dogs. So far he has not been able to teach the dogs to play chess though. 


Molly - Head of Security

Molly enforces the peace 'round these parts. She is a formidable force -- not to be taken lightly. That is, until 7pm or so, and then she wants her blankie. 


Coco - Event Planner (Food Taster)

Coco is very thorough in her work. She leaves nothing to chance. And we mean, nothing. Oh, did YOU want to taste that too? So sorry!


Proto - Logistics Manager

Do you need to fit a cat in an impossibly small cardboard box? Or evenly distribute a roll of toilet paper over an entire living room? Proto is here to help. 


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