October 2014 First Friday Artist: Amber Romano

September 15, 2014

We are excited to feature the artwork of Amber Romano at TrendSetter Boutique in October 2014. Amber is a popular local Santa Cruz artist. Be sure to attend the opening event on Friday, October 3, 2014, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. 

About The Artist

In her own words:

I am deeply inspired by the realization that we have consciousness and that we are human. When we simplify our thought process to the focus of where our thoughts begin, with consciousness, then we can clear away the excess distractions that guide us away from our own inner truth. I have gained a deep appreciation for the root structure which is repeating in nature in the form of blood vessels, neurons, electricity, roots, and the list truly goes on. This structure has given us pathways that allow for existence as we know it. This repeating structure in nature is proof that we are part of nature, an organic living form. I believe, like Rothko that the self is divided as a result of the pressures of our industrialized society and I believe there is confusion about the nature of the self as a result of the time we now spend in structures we have built. I highlight the root structure as a method to challenge our perception of reality and to prove again that we do not have to be internally divided. This structure is proof that we are part of nature however the walls we build physically become internal roadblocks to the development of who we are, really. I believe art in it of itself can break through these walls and inspire healing. 

To see more of Amber's work, visit her website: http://amberartstudio.com/


About First Friday

First Friday Felton Art Walk is an independent DIY (do it yourself) community event designed for the promotion and appreciation of local Artists and the Arts, and is managed in conjunction with the participating Felton Art venues. First Friday Felton Art Walk is a free event for our community and an opportunity for our many talented Artists to exhibit and promote their work.
We are proud to be aligned with Santa Cruz First Friday and have a regional Felton events listing on their website (http://www.firstfridayfelton.com) and listing in the First Friday GoodTimes ad. 

For artists interested in participation and seeking a host venue, please join our facebook page and introduce your work with photos or visit the venues and introduce yourself in person. Each venue manages their own venue calendars and are solely responsible for creating their events.

For new venues wishing to participate, our facebook page is a good place for connecting with artists.

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